How does UIAS™ work?

Documents of value are usually assigned a unique Identification Sequence.  UIAS™ is no different.  The unique Document Identifier UIAS™ employs is called the UIASCode™.  This is printed on each document that is generated using UIAS™.  The UIASCode™ must be typed into the UIASGAG™ (UIAS™ Global Access Interface) to view the document.

Each competent Certificate Issuing Authority is provided with the requisite number of Administration Interface Licenses.  These applications are installed onto the desktops of notified officers of the authority.  Many intricate details of these desktops are obtained beforehand to create a unique application that will execute only on the specified desktop. Upload to the UIASVault™ can be achieved only from such desktops and via a pre-configured, registered VPN tunnel.  UIAS™ tracks each entry and all details of the desktop and application that committed the information. The UIASAudit™ Audit Trail will report all data traffic to an notified authority.  UIASAlert™ will generate a global alert in the event of any data traffic anomalies or mismatch in the expected traffic patterns.